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Frequently Asked Questions

About Yokaboo

What is Yokaboo?

Yokaboo is the easiest and quickest way to set up your own online store and sell your products.

We created Yokaboo because we needed an online store to sell our own artwork. Something that is simple to use, looks good, is functional and can give us freedom.
The application turned out so well that we decided to share it with all of you.

The essence of Yokaboo is simplicity, so we have tried to keep it all nice and neat so everyone can use it.

We launched Yokaboo in April 2009 and it already hosts thousands of stores. But we don’t stop here. We have great ideas and big plans for Yokaboo and your feedback is very important to help us develop these ideas and plans further.

At the moment, Yokaboo offers everything you might need from a basic online store, with a variety of tools that allows you to modify and control how your store looks and functions.

How do I get my store featured on Yokaboo homepage?

Keep your store beautiful and sooner or later someone working at Yokaboo will spot it and give it the nod. For a constantly updated list of featured portfolios at Yokaboo, click here.

Using Yokaboo

How do I get started?

Simply go to the signup page, enter a few details and hey presto your store is ready. Log in and upload products, change the appearance of your store or anything else you like and start selling. Remember to enter your Paypal email in your settings in order to sell.
We will send you an e-mail asking you to verify your account; so don't forget to follow the instructions in that e-mail.

Is the site secure?

All personal information given to Yokaboo - we don’t ask for much - is kept private. We will never share these information with third parties. For full details of our Privacy policy, take a read here. Yokaboo also use up-to-date security measures with a firewall and various encryption techniques to keep everything safe.
Additionally, when upgrading to a paid plan (Steady or Go!), we are using paypal, the world's most advanced proprietary fraud-prevention system to ensure the security of any personal or transactional information.

Do I need to pay to use Yokaboo?

No. The Ready Plan of Yokaboo is free.
However, if you need to use more advanced options for your store, you can upgrade to Steady (£14.99 per month) or Go! (£24.99 per month) plan.
For more details on the plans and the options click here.

Does Yokaboo take a percentage of each sale?

No. Never. It’s your money, you keep it.
Unlike other services, Yokaboo does not charge any fees per transaction.

I signed up, now what do i do?

Now it's fun time! .
Here are a few basic steps to get started.
Step 1. Login to your store admin area
Step 2. Go to the Design tab and chose your store design
Step 3. Enter your Paypal e-mail in the Settings tab
Step 4. Go to the Products tab and start uploading products.
Step 5. Let everyone know your store web address.
Step 6. Start selling!

How long does it take before I can access my new Yokaboo account?

Your Yokaboo account is accessible and your store ready to be pumped up the moment you sign up.

Do I need a paypal account to sell my products on my Yokaboo store?

Yes. If you don’t already have a paypal account then go to Paypal and click on Sign Up.

What kind of PayPal account do I need?

In order to sell at your Yokaboo store and receive money, you need a PayPal Business or Premier account.

Do my customers need a PayPal account?

No. Once they checkout they will have to go through the Paypal system but they can use their credit or debit card without having to login to Paypal.

Can I install Yokaboo on my own web server?

Yokaboo cannot be installed on your own web server.

Can I use Yokaboo from multiple locations?

Yes, you can. You can log in to your admin area from any computer.

Can I use my own domain name?

The Ready Plan - which is what you have if you have a free store - will only work with a yokaboo domain (storename.yokaboo.com). However if you have upgraded to the Steady or the Go! plans, you can use your own domain name.

How do I track who is viewing my store?

Yokaboo offers to all stores basic statistics to track your store visits and product views.
However, if you have a ‘Steady’ or ‘Go!’ account you can set up Google Analytics to view complete information on who is visiting your site; everything from what countries they live in to what products get viewed the most.

What languages does Yokaboo stores support?

Yokaboo is currently supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Italian and Greek. To change the language of you store, simply go to your Settings tab, click General and change the language.

How can I change the design of my store?

Like an artist’s choice of canvas the Design area is where you choose and customise your online store. Here, you can select any color schemes, a font type and size, upload your own header image and background graphic.

Can I enter additional pages to the menu?

Yes you can. Your products are the main focus of your store however it is important to let your potential customers know a little bit more about your business, your background, the shipping information or anything else you think is useful for them to know.
To do this is simple.
Step 1: Login to your admin area
Step 2: Click the Pages tab.
Step 3: Then click the ‘Add new page’ button,
Step 4: Give your new page a title and type the information you need in the Page Content field.
Step 5: Tick the Published box.
Step 6: Click Save.

Alternatively, if you just want to link to another website, enter the link on the required field and leave the Page Content blank.

What currencies does Yokaboo support?

Yokaboo currently supports:


  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • British Pound
  • U.S. Dollar
  • Japanese Yen
  • Australian Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • Danish Krone
  • Polish Zloty
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Hungarian Forint
  • Czech Koruna
  • Israeli New Shekel
  • Mexican Peso
  • Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (only for Malaysian members)
  • Philippine Peso
  • New Taiwan Dollar
  • Thai Baht
  • Turkish Lira (only for Turkish members)

You can change your currency on the Settings > General.
If you would like to see other currencies on Yokaboo why not drop us a line?

How do I change my password?

Pretty simple:
Step 1: Sign into your admin area.
Step 2: Click your Settings tab.
Step 3: Then click the Security button on the sub menu.
Step 4: Enter your new password on both required fields  
Step 5: Click Save.

You're all set.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my account at any time?

Yes. You can instantly change plans, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account.

Can I sell digital products?

Yes, you can sell digital products but Yokaboo doesn’t currently support automated digital download, so you will need to manually email each product to your customers.

How do I close my account?

To close your Yokaboo account, go to the Your Account page of your admin area and click the close my account link at the bottom of the page.
Closing your account will immediately and permanently delete all products, images, stats, and other data.
If you’re on a paid plan, you may consider simply downgrading to our free Ready plan instead.


Are there signup fees? Cancellation fees? What about hidden fees?

Unlike other online shopping cart services, Yokaboo has NO setup fees, NO cancellation charges and NO hidden fees.
You can have your free store for as long as you want, no strings attached. And if you decide you want to use more of Yokaboo's features, you can upgrade any time you like to our Steady (£14.99 per month) or Go! (£24.99 per month) plans. For this, billing is monthly and you can cancel whenever you want.

Can I pay for Yokaboo in my own currency?

Yes, Paypal will automatically convert your monthly charge to your own currency.


I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Go to your login page and click 'Forgot you Password' button. Then enter your email and we'll email you to guide you through the rest.

I can’t log in to my admin area.

First of all make sure you are entering the correct Store Name and Password.
Then, ensure that your browser has it's cookies enabled.
You will not be able to login in your cookies are disabled. 

I enter a product but it doesn’t save it when I press the ‘save’ button.

This is most likely a browser issue. We are constantly trying to comply with all the latest browser versions but sometimes this is not possible due to technical issues.

To resolve this, please try upgrading your browser or using a different browser.
If this doesn’t work, please send us support ticket with details of the browser you are using and its version.

Why i can't upload images?

First of all, make sure that your images are no greater than 4Mb, they are RGB and saved as jpg.
If you stil can't upload them, try upgrading your browser or using an alternative browser to upload your images.

I have set up my store but there is no ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy’ buttons.

This is because you have possibly forgotten to enter your checkout. On your admin area, go to Settings and click Checkout & Payment. Then enter your Paypal email. For more information on Paypal click here.

What should I do if I find a bug?

It would be nice if you could report it to us. The best way to do that is click the Report a Bug button at the bottom of your admin page and leave a message with as much details as possible as to what the bug is, how it occurred and a little bit about you computer setup.

I have upgraded my account but nothing seems to have changed. I am still on my previous plan.

Most of the upgrades happen instantly once the subscription has gone through Paypal. However, we have found that sometimes Paypal delays to notify our system about the new subscription and this create a lag in the system. 

If you are experiencing this, don’t panic. Your upgrade will go through shortly.