Yokaboo, your own store

Clued up

Yokaboo has plenty of useful features to help you create, develop and manage your store. Here are just a few.

Granny-Proof: Tested on Technophobes!
You can be in business in minutes.
No technical experience required.
Design your store, add and manage your products, and control sales from your living room.
Keep on Top
Your stock manager has easy-to-use tools to help you run your store. He'll automatically notify you of all store activity and what you have to do, so that you are free to concentrate on the on what you do best.
Creative Freedom
Be individual. With complete freedom of creative design, your online store can be as mad, chic and different as you are. Play, personalise and pimp your store!
Traffic: Get Busy
It's easy to keep track of the traffic visiting your store. Know your customers: where they come from, what products they most browse and buy, and when they like to visit.
Sell in Style
No mess, no fuss. Just a clean canvas with simple tools to showcase and sell your products.
Getting Paid
Simple. You can use your paypal account for your Yokaboo checkout, so your money hits your bank without any fuss. Leaving you totally independent. And a bit better off.
Getting On
Using Yokaboo is a breeze. To get the most out of it, you'll find tips and advice along the way, and you can always ask questions, offer suggestions or just drop in to say hello at hello[at]yokaboo[dot].com.